18x24 Art Pro's Presentation Kit (Show Kits)

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Our Art Pro's Presentation Kits, also known as Show Kits, are designed for presenting art or photos in quantity. Each set includes 3-piece packs that consist of a cut mat a backer board and a resealable clear bag. 

All mats are individually cut using computer-guided cutters the deliver precise measurements each time.

The top cut mat is available in our full range of colors while the baker is white, unless otherwise specified.


  • Acid-free mat boards from the industry leader, Crescent, we can ensure consistency of color and thickness
  • Standard mats are 4 ply unless noted otherwise
  • Cut mats will all have white bevels unless noted
  • Mats are bevel cut at the opening, unless you request otherwise
  • Each set will include equal numbers of the cut mat/backer/resealable clear bag

We have curated the top sizes and colors within our assortment, but custom options are available upon request through our contact us page.